History and Basic Internet Marketing Startegies

The term search engine marketing relates to the use of numerous online marketing strategies whose objectives are to generate traffic to websites. This term came into existence when its predecessor Search Engine Optimization became incomplete with the introduction of strategies including but not limited to: Pay Per Click (Paid Placement) and Online Advertising (Paid Inclusion). Danny Sullivan is frequently sited as the originator of this term when he concluded, in 2001, that Search Engine Optimization was too limiting in its definition due to the onset of additional online marketing techniques.

In today’s hyper competitive online marketplace, it is sometimes no longer adequate to simply focus on or rely on organic search results. Both small and large companies now incorporate various strategies to bolster their online presence. Spending for Search Engine Marketing has increased over 1000% since 2002. As more consumers go online to find solutions to their product and service needs, continued growth in spending for Search Engine Marketing is sure to continue. Many independent firms now serve individuals and corporations as subcontractors fulfilling their SEM needs. These SEM service companies frequently develop and manage Pay Per Click programs, submission of sites to directories, and Advertising.

Whether you run a one man show with a single web site or work for a large corporation with 50 web sites, knowledge and utilization of SEM strategies can prove very profitable. It is advised that you seek a mentor or trusted source of information to get started. Most Search Engine Marketing strategies involve purchasing clicks or traffic for your site, we suggest you start slowly and watch your cost per click and cost per conversion numbers very carefully. We’ve heard many stories of both individuals and companies spending countless thousands of dollars with little or no return. Conversely, we are also familiar with companies and individuals that use both pay per click and advertising with remarkable success.

The most common components of Search Engine Marketing include:
1) Pay Per Click PPC Advertising
2) Paid Placement or Banner Advertising
3) Database Marketing
4) Web 2.0 Marketing Strategies
5) Affiliate Programs

More sophisticated Internet marketing strategies use all aspects of SEM and SEO.If you are looking for help initiating or managing an ongoing program feel free to contact us for additional information.