Database Driven Websites

Whether you have a large database of products that each need their own page or you’d like us to build a website to target every city in the U.S, we can do it. Expert database builds and management are one of our favorite tasks. We can build database driven pages that get indexed by Google and help you target your customers by geography or product need.

Just ask the court reporting firm who wanted to target their services to the 100 largest U.S. metro areas and each city within the county they were located. They now enjoy a 300% increase in traffic form across the country. Or maybe something larger like the home security company who needed a page for virtually every city in the US, all 40,000 plus cities. Yes, we did it and they now enjoy lead generation from each city in the 48 states they service. The same can be set up for large databases of products. 50,000 skus is no problem, each product can have it’s own optimized page so that it can can rank on its own and deliver exactly what the consumer searched for in Google, Yahoo or another search engine.

There is certainly a lot more to database driven websites then what we’ve touched on, if you’d like to learn more about our capabilities feel free to contact us directly.

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