How to Process Online Credit Card Transactions

Step one involves setting up a bank account to receive the deposits of your transactions. Step two is to secure a relationship with an online credit card processing company.

The process is quite simple; You collect the billing information in your websites’ shopping cart. Your shopping cart is linked to an online credit card processing company that confirms the accuracy and validity of the data provided. The processing company authorizes the charge and collects the sale amount from the credit card bank of origin. Upon receipt of those funds they transfer the money into the bank account you specified upon set-up.

Companies like will provide an easy interface for you to manage your incoming credit card orders and always offer security options to help minimize fraud and bogus transactions. Most allow recurring billing for membership applications. The cost of their services is quite reasonable and shopping around is worthwhile, but remember you get what you pay for!

The best credit processing companies make processing credit card transactions online easy. Credit card processing companies normally provide the gateway between your customers credit card bank and your bank. They receive the billing information submitted by you and process each transaction, verifying funds and ultimately forwarding those funds directly into the bak account you have registered.

We highly recommend using a credit card processing company that has sophisticated merchant interface technology for both security and ease of use. The leader in this industry is and opening an account is quite simple…..

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