Good Copywriting For the Internet Involves More Than Good Grammar

Many believe Website CONTENT IS KING! We tend to agree, if you do nothing else, take the time to write high quality, informative copy for each page you are optimizing. Most agree, Google in particular, places VERY HIGH importance on the quality and relevance of your page content (copy).

As the internet has matured and more specifically, search engines have become more sophisticated, the number of “creative” strategies, to achieve high page ranking has diminished. The bottom line is there is no easy, fast or tricky way to achieve and maintain excellent ranking across the various search engines. One thing that is for sure, is that search engines reward high quality and unique keyword rich copy writing – page content. If you spend a few minutes and review some highly search words and terms, you will find the pages that rank well are keyword researched and contain relevant content to those search terms.

Graphics are great, but do nothing to help page ranking. We advise taking the time to research your keywords and writing keyword rich content for your page body. Depending on your websites focus, this might encompass a product description paragraph or a page full of valuable and relevant information. Cutting and pasting someone else’s content is not only unethical but can hurt your efforts in that the search engines recognize duplicate content and may penalize you for using it.

We’ve noticed a trend in search engines that includes outranking authoritative and informational pages over sales oriented pages. This leads us to believe that spending the time to provide information in a neutral way can be in your best interest. Many sites now focus on developing informational landing pages and provide links to other pages or websites for more specific product or service sales information.

The truth is search engines are revenue generating platforms for the companies who own them. They include both organic (free space) and Pay Per Click (paid space). If GOOGLE, Yahoo, and MSN, move towards ranking algorithms that scores strictly informational pages higher, logic follows more web site mangers will be forced to consider developing pay per click programs to generate website traffic. The more sites competing for the PPC space the higher the bids, the higher the bids the higher the advertising revenue for the search engines!

What to do? Our advice, at this time, is to take the time to write well thought out content for each page you are optimizing. Make sure to include the key words and phrases you are targeting for that page, make the copy flow naturally, avoid keyword loading and lastly, try to provide information that is of value to the readers. They will appreciate it and the search engines will see that you are not just pushing product and/or services. Remember that your web sites content is probably the most important, single, element of search engine optimization.