Lead Generation Machines that work 24/7

If you are in the business of selling to consumers you already know the hyper competitive world in which we live. Unless you own exclusive rights to a leading brand that sells off its name, capturing prospects and leads for your sales department can be an expensive and time consuming task.

When your product includes a service direct contact is frequently required before a sale is made. In those cases, generating leads for your sales department is critical to your success. It does not matter whether you are a lawyer, doctor, dentist or plumber, generating new business is what keeps you in business. Your time is spent spent doing what you do to generate revenue not out hunting for new clients. After all, you can’t bill for time you spend acquiring new business.

That’s were we come in. We are experts at generating inbound requests for both products and services. These requests come by phone and email, they can be entered directly into your CMS systems or handled manually as they arrive. Depending on the industry and geography of your service our strategies vary.

Recently we were approached by an entrepreneur who wanted to generate leads within the home security business. He wanted his phone to ring and email box to be full. Turns out he could handle inbound leads on a national basis. After consultation, it was decided we would build a national site offering a free consultation and a great deal on a system. The creative and website programming work was completed within 60 days. The site opertates off of a database of cities so that consumers across the country have easy access to his website when performing a search using a city name.

Next we implemented our tried and true SEO strategies and within another 30 days traffic to the site started to emerge and was converted at a rate of 10% visitor to lead. He closes the sales at approximately 35% with a sales price of almost $1400. To say he is happy and satisfied would be an understatement. This highly competitive market was cracked and he is reaping the benefits. Great site design, excellent keyword research and professional SEO all paid a part in creating another successful Internet marketing campaign. He is now the proud owner of a lead generation machine that works 24/7, 365 days a year with 0 sick days and no vacation!

We derive great pleasure creating something from nothing. Helping our clients achieve success is why we are here. Whether you are a Physician in Miami or multi-national looking for a fresh approach, we look forward to sharing what we know.

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