Creating Pull for Your Products and Services

There’s nothing better than having fresh leads call and email everyday, we know first hand! It’s a pleasure to have your products and services pulled through the market by Internet Marketing. The outbound push strategy is great and will always be a mainstay for many businesses and to stay more competitive many are now using the internet to generate incoming requests for products and services. For businesses selling to other businesses this is becoming more and more important as the economy is shrinking and the pie seems to be getting smaller. If you work in an industry where buyers of your services or products use the internet you should be taking full advantage of the opportunities for growth.

One of our recent builds was for a court reporting and litigation support company. They owned a good basic website, upon review of the sites performance metrics we realized that, over the course of any given month, in excess of 80% of their traffic came from search terms that were variations of their company name. Their sales people spent their days cold calling companies, law firms, in an effort to open new relationships to provide their services and increase their revenue. We suggested, prior to spending and money on PPC, they should allow us to update their website and focus on search engine optimization.

We designed a site that clearly explained their services with easy navigation to individual pages and descriptions for each of their primary services. We also built in easy reply form and response triggers to create greater visitor to responder conversion. Within 90 days of the relaunch of their site, traffic had increased over 600% and the search terms went from over 80% company name related to over 90% service type related. They still get all the traffic they did before when searchers searched using a company related term but now they get tons of highly prized searches for the keywords relating to exactly what they offer.

We took the effort a step further when we suggested the implementation of a local search strategy using a database driven tactic that allows us to generate indexed page specific to a city. In this case we targeted the 100 top US metro areas. So, when a law firm in Dallas, Chicago, New York, or San Francisco, etc. searches for litigation services with the city name in the search, our clients site is in the running for capturing a visit, that would never have been possible before.

Now, in addition to making their outbound calls to generate new business, their sales people are more productive than ever because the phone rings and emails come in requesting information regarding what they do. The business owner is delighted with increased revenue and a lower cost per sale.

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