The Good News is….

We can help make the dream a reality. Online lead generation is not only possible it is proving to be very profitable for many of our clients.

The 3 critical factors to successful internet marketing are:

Generating Traffic

Generating traffic in the form of visitors who are seeking your products and services is one of our skill sets. Lead generation starts with eyeballs on your content! Generating traffic occurs through the development of numerous strategies across several search and social media platforms.

Design Mockups


Displaying a platform (website) that converts visitors to responders is what it is all about. Do 10-15% of the people who visit your site end up in your database? Are you getting good traffic but not enough responses? Let us help you make the most of your existing traffic by employing proven techniques and strategies that increases visitor to responder ratios. If your site is underperforming and not providing your sales department with fresh leads we can help.

Design revision


Selling professionally and with integrity leads to success. It is what we do and it is what we help our clients do. Today’s consumers are searching for relevant information to make purchase decisions. Providing that information in a friendly upbeat manner void of heavy handed sales techniques is key to their success not only from a conversion perspective but also when considering brand positioning and reputation management.

There is a lot to each of those 3 factors but in a short time strategies can be implemented that give you both the traffic and responses you need to make serious ROI. The first step is in the design or redesign of a website that meets the needs of the visitors and search engines. Our staff of designers and SEO expert are adept at building and redesigning sites so that the owner can start reaping the rewards of their internet marketing efforts.

There is No Magic

There is no magic, no secret formulas just tried and true methods of getting real results. It is true, not all websites are created equal. Two sites with the exact same traffic will generate different results, that is in part why the whole process must be viewed as dynamic. It is not ever really finished it is being improved over time to ensure you are receiving the highest ROI possible.

Job 1 is the build, it involves identifying the products and services you will offer and presenting those in such a manner that visitors are motivated to respond by either calling or completing you online reply forms. In the case of selling directly online it is all about getting your customer through checkout with their shopping carts full! We don’t have time or space hear to get into the specifics but suffice to say the words, colors, designs, navigation and the feel you present have a lot to do with how many of your visitors will turn into leads and clients.

Fixing lame websites is our specialty, we love to rewrite copy, add or rework graphics and apply our PROVEN SEO techniques to turn that old liability into a highly valued asset.

We have clients that now enjoy over 10% visitor to lead conversion rates. And, one of them closes leads into a sales on followup telephone calls 40% of the time! They are in a highly competitive industry and now enjoy hundreds of fresh leads each month for their $1500+ product/service.

Give them what they want and they will respond.

Fortunately, we know what they want through years of experience and they are responding.

Our lead generation services are offered in various forms and can include profit sharing wherein we incur expenses to generate the leads and you pay us for each lead delivered or we can build a lead generation machine for you and it is yours to keep and derive benefit from forever. Some clients have a great website already built and just need traffic other need a site and traffic, makes no difference to us, we can help in either case.

Online Lead Generation Made Easy

Many of our clients had great dreams of putting up a website and reaping the rewards of the thousands of visitors that would show up and buy their products and services. Unfortunately, they awoke to find out it was not as easy as they had believed.